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Why help?

The Comic Book Industry Alliance is a free service that for many years has been provided by me, mostly at my expense, although their have been some very generous souls who have chipped in. However as I strive to upgrade the CBIA's ability to reach out and touch the industry at large, your small donation can help immensely.

Thanks to Delphi, our Forum Message Boards and Chat Rooms are free, however the purchase of a Domain Name and Hosting with out banners or pop-up ads, is not. Additionally there are many other things like recruiting material that while not overly expensive, do tend to nickle and dime me.

So I am asking you to consider the worth of the CBIA, both to you personally and to the industry that you have chosen for a living and decide whether it might be worth at least $1 a month to you? If so click the PayPal Button below.

Please feel free to donate more by changing the amount in the form. All support is greatly appreciated.

For those who would like to help but are tight on funds, there are many other ways to help. I'd love to start a store with CBIA branded merchandise. If you are a publisher or creator that would like to donate product, signed or not, or a creator who would like to donate a design that you feel symbolizes the Comic Book Industry Alliance that can be reproduced on product please E-Mail me.

Robert Scott

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