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Please remember that this is a community.

While we are all here for the same reason, the betterment of the Comic Industry, it is very likely that we all have different ideas on how to accomplish this. Here the Golden Rule applies in spades, if you disagree with someone, please speak up but do it with the same respect that you would want shown to you. Debate can be a great way to learn or at least understand a different viewpoint but if others are afraid to post for fear of being ridiculed, then the whole foundation of the CBIA will be shaken. And since this is truly an Alliance of the Comic Industry, it is more important than ever that we forge a strong working relationship and rid ourselves of all the fingerpointing that has undermined the industry to this point.

In order to keep the signal to noise ratio as high as possible, meaning most of the flaming and spam-type postings prevalent in other forums and USENet and also ensure that sensitive industry topics are not turned into free-for-alls with the public at large, Delphi allows me to restrict membership.

Although I do run the forum as a dictatorship, meaning that I get the final say on things, I make every attempt to be a benevolent dictator and nobody has ever been removed without warning. That said, I do reserve the right to remove, temporarily or permanently, any user and/or content for any reason or no reason, if I deem it to be in the best interest of the forum at large.

Additionally please do not take it upon yourself to "discipline" other members, no matter how helpful you mean to be. If you feel that someone has crossed the line with a post please contact me or one of the following authorized moderators for the forum. Failure to do so may cause you to be gagged or removed. It's not worth it and only leads to arguments and hurt feelings.

To contact a moderator about a post, click REPLY in that post and where it says TO:, click on the OTHERS button and when prompted type in the (USER NAME) of any moderator below and note your concern in the message box.. Last, before hitting the POST buttons, croll down and click on the REPLY VIA E-MAIL - only "To:" person above can read it choice. This sends your comments to us as an e-mail and does not post it in the forum. If necessary, we will let you know the outcome, however all moderator decisions are final.


  • Robert Scott (Comickaze) - Forum Moderator
  • Jerry Wall (Atomicokc)


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