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Alliance \ Al·li·ance (-lns) n.
A treaty between nations, or between individuals, for their mutual advantage. Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, ©1996, 1998

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What is the CBIA?

Originally created in December of 1997 as the COMIC RETAILERS FORUM, a support forum for Direct Market Comic Shop Retailers, the COMIC BOOK INDUSTRY ALLIANCE grew out of a very humble beginning. Realizing that there was a lot I had yet to learn about the industry, I also felt that I had acquired a lot of knowledge that could help others to avoid some of the mis-steps I had made along the way.

Having tired of the discourtesy of some venues and having to wade through hundreds of postings to find one or two relevant posts in others, it became evident that the resource I was looking for didn't yet exist and after a few weeks of hunting for a host, I discovered Delphi and thus was born the Comic Retailers Forum.

"At the CBIA, I regularly experience more peer to peer interaction than anywhere else. In many ways it's like a trade show, without the air fares and hotel bills, 365 days a year. At times collegial, occasionally cantankerous and always informative.
Rory D. Root - Retailer: Comic Relief - The Comic Bookstore

The CBIA, the grand-daddy of Comic related forums on Delphi quickly made it's mark, attracting award winning comic retailers, creators and publishers from all over the globe. However my original goal, advocacy for and betterment of Direct Market Comics Retailers remains. Working side by side, or in most cases modem by modem, with the brilliant members of the CRF and CBIA has led me to realize that no facet, retail, creation/publishing, distribution... can effectively grow, without a healthy partnership with all of the others.

It soon became apparent that there was only so much that retailers could accomplish without the cooperation of the rest of the industry so the CRF expanded it's focus, becoming the COMIC BOOK INDUSTRY ALLIANCE, open to Professionals from all aspects of the Comic Industry. Since it's inception the CBIA Forum has generated 51,000 hits to it's home page, registered over 500 members and recieved over 100,000 posts on it's message board.

"The CBIA is the single best resource when it comes to understanding the marketplace and promoting my work to dedicated retailers. I'd hate to be without it.
Sean McKeever - Creator: The Waiting Place, Sentinel, Mary Jane

The industry is a vehicle with our love for comics as the engine and creators, publishers, retailers and distributors the wheels. Each individual group is important but individually they aren't going anywhere, fast. However the more that we work in unison, the quicker we all arrive at our desired destination.

If you agree with me that there is more that can be done to improve the health of the comic industry, please join us here in the COMIC BOOK INDUSTRY ALLIANCE. Remember if you're not part of the solution, you are part of the problem!

"Through open communicationon the CBIA, retailers have made their voices heard and actually seen concrete changes brought about in the industry.
Jeremy Mueller - Retailer: Gamers Solution


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