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The CBIA Forum is hosted by Delphi, who provides our Message Board and Chat Rooms. In order to

  • Keep the signal to noise ratio as high as possible, meaning most of the flaming and spam-type postings prevalent in other forums and USENet and
  • Ensure that sensitive industry topics are not turned into free-for-alls with the public at large.

Delphi allows me to restrict membership.



So what are the criteria for membership? It's pretty simple...

  • You must be deriving your income from a facet of the Comic Industry.
  • Comic Retailer members should be Owners and/or Managers for their shop(s).
  • Creator and Publisher members, should be published or at least solicited.
  • Distribution members should be Owners and/or Managers.
  • Media members (currently limited to paid print media) may not reprint any forum content without permission from and attribution to the Comic Book Industry Alliance/Robert Scott and the original poster(s).
  • Resource Members should be Owners and/or Managers.

If you are not sure where you might fit into the above categories you should contact me directly, either via e-mail or call me at (858) 278-0371. Still interested? Great, CLICK HERE FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION.

If you are unable to successfully complete the online registration, cut and paste the form into an e-mail and send it to us HERE with the subject header "CBIA Registration Form".


Your registration will be processed as quickly as possible, however due to overwhelming interest in The CBIA and the fact that this is a volunteer organization, meaning I have no operators standing by, confirmations are generally only sent once a week and generally on Monday mornings.

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