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The following listings are the property of the CBIA and are provided for the sole purpose of facilitating communication between it's members. This does not include solicitation of product or services. Anyone found using this information for any other reason, will be removed from the CBIA.


    • Comtrac - Computer P.O.S & Business Consultation
      Mel Thomson (UNCLEMEL) San Mateo, CA USA

    • I.C.v.2 - Pop Culture News Site
      Milton Griepp (MiltonG1) Madison, WI US

    • SphinxGroup - Pop Culture Sales and Marketing
      SphinxGroup (LizFulda) Chicago, IL US



This roster may or may not be complete and up to date and is provided solely as a service to CBIA members. If you are a member and are not listed or find that your listing is in error, click the e-mail link in the upper right corner and send me your (corrected) info/ If you are listed but no longer a member, please contact me by clicking the e-mail link in the upper right corner and I will remove your listing during our next site maintenance.


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