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TILTING AT WINDMILLS looks to be a promising resource for current and aspiring retailers alike as well as anyone who just wants a better grasp of the machinations of the Comic Industry. Tilting at Windmills published by IDW Publishing, is 400 pages, retails for $19.99 and can be ordered using Diamond Item Code FEB032018. If you are not a retailer or do not have a local retailer to order from, you may order a copy by clicking here.


CLICK HERE TO BUY TILTING AT WINDMILLSThe Collected Columns of One Man's Fight For Better Retailing

San Diego, CA (January 30, 2003) Give some people a stage and they find themselves at a loss for words. Noted comic book retailer and industry pundit Brian Hibbs is not that kind of person. Give him a stage and he'll turn it to a pulpit for his widely-read opinions and aggressive retailing methods.

Brian Hibbs, owner of San Francisco's premier comic book store, Comix Experience, has joined with IDW Publishing to collect his influential "Tilting at Windmills" columns. These columns have graced the pages of Comics and Game Retailer since its inception. Containing useful guidelines for new and established retailers who sell comics in this pop culture hungry world, "Tilting at Windmills" was also startlingly prescient about the rise and fall of the comics industry in the '90s.

"I don't know that I could have found a more exciting publishing partner," said "Tilting" author Brian Hibbs. "IDW has an astonishingly diverse line-up, and I'm thrilled they offered to publish the compilation of nearly a decade of my observations and commentary about the mechanics of the business of comic books. Surely other, less courageous, publishers would have balked at some of the controversial topics I address."

Tilting At Windmills will serve as an entertaining and informative manual for those seeking to cut their way through the four-color jungle of the business of comics. It's filled with commonsense tips, behind-the-scenes thoughts of how and what publishers produce, and point-by-point steps to make selling comics turn into profits.


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Are you a Public or School Librarian? An Educator looking to use Comics or Graphic Novels in the classroom? Comic Retailers from the Comic Book Industry Alliance are eager to help you find the appropriate titles to meet your needs.

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